Mabon - The 2nd Harvest

September 21 & 22, 2019 - See You Soon!

$10 Adults - Kids 12 & Under Free

Come for one day or stay the night. No vending. This is a Spiritual Gathering. Tents, Pop-Up Awnings and Small Campers welcome if you plan to stay over on Saturday night. We have NO ELECTRICITY for Campers.


Please bring a Potluck dish/snack/drinks for our Feast on Saturday at Noon.  BYO Food, Snacks, Drinks and COOLERS for food and drinks. We have NO ROOM in our fridge for everyone's food and drinks. Ice is available at the Dollar General on Hwy. 89 just a few miles away.

PLEASE bring your own reusable drinking cups/mugs/tankards/goblets, plates and utensils. This cuts down on trash. We will have a wash area for dishes. A Porta-Potty (or two) will be available – sorry no showers. All guests must use the Porta Potty provided. We have ONE restroom inside and an OLD septic tank. 


Ritual Saturday evening. Ritual attire is not required. 


We will have the RAFFLE on Sunday Morning after ART'S FAMOUS PANCAKE BREAKFAST. Bring some spendin' money for tickets ($5.00 for 6 or $1.00 each). Always cool stuff!

ARKANSAS FOOD BANK is our Charity this year. Please bring a donation. Most needed items are: Canned meats (chicken, tuna, and beef or pork) • Peanut butter • Meal entrees (Hamburger Helper, Pasta skillet meals, Canned Pasta meals) • Canned Soup • Rice • Dry beans • 100% juices (juice boxes) • Breakfast items (cereal, bars, instant oatmeal, & Pop Tarts)  We donated 89 pounds of food in 2018!

**An Itinerary/Schedule of Events will be posted on Facebook at a later date.**


Rules for Roughing it at Nefer...

1.  Mabon is held on private property owned by Robin "Amaya" and Art. Please respect the privacy of their home. Enjoy the Circle and outdoors.
2.  No littering! Please pick up after yourselves. 
3.  ABSOLUTELY NO underage drinking.
4.  SMOKERS: We have a butt disposal to DISPOSE of your butts. If you smoke, be considerate of non-smokers, make sure butts are extinguished and deposited in the appropriate receptacle - not on the grounds. NO SMOKING in the Circle area.
5.  No glass or glass containers of any kind in the Fire Pit or Circle area. Please use plastic or non-breakable cups/containers.
6.  Park and Tent in designated areas.
7.  This is NOT a clothing optional gathering.
8.  If the Neighbors are lucky - QUIETER TIME BEGINS AT 11:00 P.M.
9.  In case of rain – get wet! The Gods said “Let it Rain!” Enjoy! Let it purify and refresh you! 
10.  Sorry, there are NO electrical hookups. Campers will need generators. We cannot accommodate large campers.
11.  No open ground fires. Main Fire Pit area will have RITUAL FIRE. Do not put ANYTHING in ritual fire. ART is the designated fire tender for all Nefer events.
12.  Children are to remain in the care, custody and control of their parents at all times. 
13.  If you bring it, please take it home. We will have extra trash bags on the premises.
14.  All attendees will be required to sign a Liability Waiver.
15.  Do not photograph anyone without their permission. No photos taken at Mabon will be used for any other purpose or event. Violation will result in your being banned from future events.
16. No pets. No exceptions.

17. Bring whatever you use to keep bugs away.  Mosquitoes can be bad in the evenings.  
17. PLEASE RSVP by September 10. 


See you soon! Amaya & Art

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