This is me.

I am a pagan.

I do not conform to everyone’s sense of values or rules and regulations, creeds and bylaws. I have my own. Do not expect me to be the same as another. Do not expect me to stand in Circle with you because you have numerous pointless titles. What good does it really do you or anyone? Can one not stand on their own two feet without titles and shallow mock-ups of themselves? Simply put, I do not care. Be real or be gone. Titles do not give a person respect or make them respectable. Degrees do not make a person smart. I do not care if you are an “adept.”

Can you converse without pulling rank or name dropping? Can you listen to others words and then respond in kind? Do you know how to talk to someone without saying “I?” Look me in the eye and talk to me.

I do not hold faith in anyone that boasts and proclaims him/herself to be an Elder. My mother, father and grandparents are Elders. They hold no titles. They are my only Elders.

I cut my own path. Cookie cutter religions aren’t for me. I do not demand or command anything. I hope (emphasis added) that at best, I would be considered a friend, a sister, or a kindred spirit among fellow folks, nothing more.

I have felt a bond with the Maker of rain, thunder and lightning since I was 8. Not because I knew who Zeus was at that point in time, but because I knew that something extraordinary existed outside my window. Thunderstorms and lightening always held my attention and respect. His name came to me later in life, but I knew. I do not fear him, not then, not now. I know him, he knows me. So simple.

I am Witch.

I do as I will. I do not follow the “Rede.” I do magic when needed. I read cards, read bones, and I read people. I play with oils and dirt and rocks and herbs. Each has a meaning to me personally, no matter what the books say.

I am in love with One. I love many. I care for many. I feel everything. I give of myself. I share as much as I can about what I know and am just as open about what I do not know. I teach if asked.

I do not proclaim to be a High Priestess. It never felt right. In fact, I was quite uncomfortable with it. I am a daughter, sister, wife, mother, property owner, registered clergy and circle facilitator. That is all.

There are those that may refer to me as their High Priestess, but not at my direction. I appreciate it, but they know it’s not necessary or needed. I am their sister and friend, above and beyond. I love them and I know they love me. We’ve shared a lot and will continue to do so. I value these relationships above all. I am honored to be in their presence. None of their roads have been easy. Yet, they have been steadfast in their Paths and, in my eyes, they are Priests and Priestesses of their own accord.

I love my Circle, both the People and the Place. I am simple, uncomplicated and beautifully flawed.

I am Amaya.

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