Through Hellenistic Eyes

When the first touch of color brightens the sky, I am awed by Eos' beauty. When the sun first crests the horizon, I glimpse the fleeting face of Hemera. When the sun is full and high up in the sky, I sense Helios is watching. When the sun scatters its rays across the edges of the clouds, I see Apollo's brilliance.

When the sky is clear and blue, I feel Theia's presence. When a rainbow stretches across the sky, I wonder what message Iris carries. When the clouds gather and lightning strikes, I witness Zeus at work.

When the fresh faces of the flowers show, I smile in Persephone's wake. When the crops grow heavy with their yield, I marvel at Demeter's harvest. When I walk with my feet bare upon the earth, I feel Gaia's strength. When the seasons change, I am amazed at the Horai's power.

When I travel, I pray to Hermes for protection. When the sea beckons me with his heartbeat, I ask Poseidon to cleanse my wounds. When a candle flame burns, I honor Hestia. When the winds sigh or shriek, I listen as the Anemoi speak.

When I create artwork with my hands, I am gifted by Athena. When words pour forth from my heart, I am inspired by the Muses. When laughter rings in my ears, I know the Graces are near.

When my blood quickens with passion, I feel the piercing of Eros' dart. When my heart flutters for but one, I am kissed by Aphrodite. When I utter the words "I do," I shall give my thanks to Hera.

When I dance the Labyrinth, I follow in the footsteps of Ariadne. When I uncover a hidden truth about myself, I am touched by Psyche.

When the sky begins to darken, I know the Hesperides are guarding their golden orchard. When the night has fallen, I hear the whispers of Nyx. When I feel myself drifting into sleep, I let myself fall into Hypnos' arms.

When the moon is waxing, I reach towards Artemis' bow. When the moon is full, I revel in the light of Selene. When the moon is waning, I hear the hounds of Hecate. When darkness surrounds me, I feel the embrace of Erebus.

When the drums of war sound, I feel the adrenaline of Ares pumping through my veins. When chaos reigns, I sense Eris' handiwork. When time begins to show itself upon my face, I am cowed by the ravages of Chronos and Geras. When Death quietly claims a life, I know Thanatos is there. When friends and family gather for a funeral, I solemnly bow my head to Hades.

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