You, too are "New Age"

I read recently that some believe that the worst thing to happen to Witchcraft is "New Age." All from those much younger than me. That statement made me frown a bit. New age spiritual groups and religions started forming in the 1960s and 1970s. I was born in the 60s. I wasn't born in the 1700s. None of us were unless you want to get into reincarnation and that's another topic. Wake up sisters. We are all New Agers. None of us lived in the old times, way back when - when Witchcraft was, in my opinion, more simple. None of us today know any Witches from the 1700s or even the 1940s. We can only read about them or hear stories from others, who read about them in New Age books. Most all of us have benefited in some way from the New Age movement of spirituality. I know I did. How can New Age be a bad thing?

Witchcraft is what you make it. Everyone does their crafting a little different. Nothing wrong with that. However, if you want to be a more authentic Witch, then get yourself off of Facebook. Get your craft off the internet. Otherwise, you're the pot calling the kettle black. I see folks talking about they only way is the Old Way and the Old Religion. Okay, but I bet you read about it in New Age spiritual books.

Witches of old did not publicize their workings and they sure as hell didn't brag about it. Sure, some were known about, but it wasn't advertised or shared except and unless you were family, coven or the beneficiary of the crafting. Witches and Wise women were more private, secretive and discrete. Things got done.

I have no issues with New Age or New Agers. I am one. I'm thankful for all that has been published and available for us Pagans and Witches to learn from. The worst thing for Witchcraft in my opinion is open mouths - too much talk and not enough DO. I'm a firm believer in the Witches Pyramid. Most importantly, Keep Silent. Do, but do not say exactly what you know when it comes to your craft. Some things are better off by staying with the individual witch. Not shared. There is power is being silent. Silence helps with being centered and grounded which aids in having a clear intent. Magick publicized and shared is magick watered down. There are only a hand full of Witches I trust with my workings and no one will ever see any of it on Facebook, public forums, or even here on our website. We do what we do, then we move on.

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