I am Legacy

To paraphrase a quote of Linda Hogan, "You are the result of the love of thousands." And we are! Not just erotic passions, but those of intellect as well. We are the product of generations of wisdom and knowledge passed down through time. We are the Legacy. It is not buildings, properties and possessions that are left behind after our passing that defines our lives, but the people. I'm sorry Scarlet O'Hara, but land isn't the only thing that lasts.

If you know me then you have heard me speak of my many mentors and teachers. I will focus on two, my Grandfather and Fran. My Grandfather was with me through my teen years, offering me instruction and guidance. Often today I will mention one of his lessons in passing to another, hoping that the seed of inspiration that had been planted in me would also take root within them. As for Fran, never have I known a more amazing teacher. Though our time together was short, her effect upon my life was so profound that I still to this day recall her lessons and words to guide me in my life choices. These were my teachers and they have left me with an inheritance: Their wisdom. To the world they have left their Legacy: Me.

While we move through our lives, we should take this into consideration: Our lives and our actions will create the memory and truth that others will perpetuate when we have passed on. It is also our responsibility and duty to pass on the wisdom and knowledge that has been given to us. Our physical presence is so short a span of time, but who we are, can be immortal. Do I not hear my Grandfather in my voice when I speak? Will I not hear the words of Fran come from the lips of my children? I am the product of a thousand generations of life, wisdom, and love. I am their Legacy, as my children will be of me, and I will strive to ensure that what I pass on will be that which strengthens and inspires another thousand Legacies after me.

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