A Snippet about Nefer-Per-Netjer

Nefer-Per-Netjer is ancient Egyptian for Beautiful House of the Gods. It was so named by the late Fran McIntosh Parmer (Lady Isis) and established as a Pagan church in 2000. Lady Isis crossed the Veil on January 3, 2011. Her dream was to have a place where local Pagans could gather to worship together in a beautiful outdoor setting. Fran and her husband, Les, toiled for many years clearing trees, carrying in rocks, crystals, and statuary to form the current Circle area.

The Circle itself has East and West arbor entrance gates and each direction is marked by an altar representing Earth, Air, Fire and Water. In the South you will find Fran’s Memorial Wall which reflects the ritual fires from the large fire pit area at night. Life-sized statues of Demeter and Dionysus frame the North altar. The Circle is shaded mostly by large pines, maples and oaks. Beautiful plants and flowers are scattered in the Circle and around the property such as dogwood trees, lilies, lilacs, jasmine, holly, gardenia, hydrangeas, mint, ferns and roses.

Nefer-Per-Netjer became a state recognized non-profit religious organization in May 2009. On March 28, 2011, Nefer-Per-Netjer became a 501(c)(3) federally recognized Church. Nefer-Per-Netjer is located on privately owned property in rural Lonoke, Arkansas.

Nefer-Per-Netjer is a working-learning group. We all work and we all continue to learn about ourselves and seek to understand our spiritual past, present and future. We hold several workshops and classes throughout the year for those interested in learning something new. Each of us feels strongly about being charitable and supporting our community. Donating to local charities, including children's hospitals and animal shelters, are some of the charitable work we regularly pursue.

Nefer Folk are eclectic and welcome those who follow varied paths. We celebrate the Celtic-based Wheel of the Year for most Sabbats in addition to holding monthly Esbats. Simple gatherings and an occasional “Fritual” will be had when the time is right.

This year, Nefer held its 5th annual “Mabon – The Second Harvest.” This is one of our larger gatherings where Nefer Folk, Family and Friends come from all around to spend a weekend at Nefer celebrating the fall harvest and cooler weather. Camping, potluck feast, workshops, and a candlelight ritual are the weekend’s highlights.

Future plans for Nefer include an additional area to house indoor rituals during inclement weather, a library, and meditation space. Nefer’s mission is to promote spiritual development through teaching, gatherings, retreats, circles and rites for those on a Pagan path, to support diversity, equality, understanding, love and support for those in our community, and to be charitable and giving to those in need, no matter their spiritual path.

-Amaya Moon

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