Tarot Card TLC

My personal ways:

I don’t use my personal cards that often. I don’t need to. I will only read cards for others in person. I believe tarot cards need to be touched by the querent. I don’t agree with the rule “never let anyone else touch your cards,” but I’m not going to let you play with them either.

I never ask someone if they want a reading. If they want one – they will seek me out. I will never read a person more than once a month. (Gotta give things time….wait for it). These are my “dos and donts” – others vary.

However, I do feel very strongly that EVERYONE should give their cards TLC regularly. And, yes, LET THEM REST!

Sample ways to recharge or cleanse your cards:

Moon Energy or Moon Baths: As simple as placing on a window sill or a safe spot outside to “bathe” in the Moonlight overnight.

Sun Energy: Similar to above, let your cards sunbathe for a couple hours outside in a safe place. Sunning gives your cards their masculine energy back. Be careful not to forget about them. As we all know, too much Sun can fade colors.

Breath Energy: I always use my breath when reading for myself. Just simply breathe your own energy into your cards before a reading. I wouldn’t suggest this if you are going to read for someone else unless you also whispered into the cards for direction and guidance in the reading.

Crystal Energy: I keep a crystal in the bag with my cards to absorb excess or bad energy. Rose quartz or amethyst is also good.

Salt Burial – Putting cards in salt for a set amount of days, i.e. Moon phase - Full to Full. Salt draws negative energy out and away. Of course, dispose of the salt afterwards.

Shuffling: Some use repeated shuffling of the cards to purify, but personally I don’t feel that is enough.

Smoking: Smoke from Palo Santo, Sweet Grass, Cedar or Sage is a good way to cleanse and recharge cards. Palo Santo has become a favorite of mine due to its enhancement of creativity and good fortune.

Storing your cards:

I have 2 sets. One is in a mesh bag and the other a velvet bag. Both are in a wooden box that was gifted to me. Storing is important to protect from physical damage and bad/negative energy. Other ways:

Pine or wooden boxes

Silk or cotton fabric or bags

The original packaging

Did someone gift you a set of Tarot Cards? I believe this is fine, some do not. If they interest you, just “make them yours.” Cleansing/purifying well before use, plus spend time with them just as you would a new friend.

Take good care of your cards and they will reciprocate!